A web application that helps you keep track of all your job applications.

Typescript, React, Next.js, OAuth, MongoDB Atlas
YouTube Video Summerizer08.12.22

A chrome extension that summarizes YouTube videos.

React, Typescript, Open AI GPT-3

It's like Tinder for food! Swipe through local restaurants with friends to find out which are mutually liked.

React, Typescript, Firebase, Algolia, MongoDB

Finatic offers free realtime market, economic, and alternative data provided by IEX Cloud.

React, Express, Redis, Server-sent events
Flashcard Study Groups7.16.21

Invite people to study together in real-time using digital flashcards within a chat room.

Express, Passport.js, MySQL,
Space Dashboard4.06.21

A website with space-related information such as ISS tracker, Mars rover images, approaching asteroids, and more.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API caching